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Letter to the editor, Keene Sentinel
On Sunday, December 18, activists from - and other local opponents of the United Nations - will stage the second annual UN Flag Burn at Robin Hood Park in Keene. The blue flags will blaze starting around noon, and everyone is welcome - regardless of their opinion. Strangely enough the counterprotest which was supposed to happen last year never materialized, and the organization which promised it has since dissolved.

As before, participants are invited to bring open-carried, lawfully borne firearms, that they may peacefully celebrate those gun rights which New Hampshire enshrines but the UN seeks to destroy.

It was an honor to have Erica and Steve from the Sentinel covering the story last year; they and any of your staff will be welcome again this year!

Anyone who would like to know more is welcome to visit or give me a ring at _____ - although I should make clear that I am not in charge. Fortunately, neither is the UN just yet!

See you there.

                    NH Underground                                               Second Annual  UN Flag Burn
Mr. Kanning,
We have learned through a local "Letter to the Editor" that you plan another flag burning event in Robin Hood Park. Last year, after the event, I was informed by the Keene Fire Department that burning in a park picnic area requires a fire permit. The reason is that the burning is purely for burning and not for cooking food as the fire pits were and are intended for. I was told that you, or someone in your organization was informed of this last year. You will need a fire permit from the Keene Fire Department and they tell me the permit requires the permission of the land owner. In this situation I would be signing off as the land owner. If presented with signing off, I will refuse. This use of a picnic area in a park is not appropriate in my view. They were created and funded by citizens with the intent that people would have cookouts there. Open burning for the sake of open burning can be done somewhere else.
Brian Mattson
Director, Keene Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department
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